Musicological Team  

Aluízio José Viegas (São João del Rei)
Researcher of the reorganisation area

Aluízio José Viegas was born in São João del-Rei (MG), and from an early age became interested in historical research regarding his hometown. In 1960 he joined the Lira Sanjoanense Orchestra to practice playing cello in an orchestra. Later, he decided for the flute and double bass.

In that same year, 1960, he started his activities in the musical archive of the Lira Sanjoanense Orchestra, initially copying new parts of the pieces in use. In 1963 he started to assemble the scores by Manoel Dias de Oliveira, Jerônimo de Souza Lobo, Padre João de Deus de Castro Lobo and Lobo de Mesquita. When he acquired pieces from a private collection, he restored the pieces by different composers from Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Portugal.

Since 1963 he has collaborated with several researchers and musicologists, among them Cleofe Person de Mattos, Padre Jaime Diniz Cavalcanti, Adhemar Nóbrega,
Olivier Toni, Antônio Alexandre Bispo, Adhemar Campos Filho, Ernani Aguiar and
Paulo Castagna.

He integrated the team which carried out the research O ciclo do ouro: o tempo e a música no barroco católico (PUC-RJ) (The gold cycle: the period and Catholic baroque music). In 1982, he was Prof. Francisco Curt Lange's advisor in the first register of works in the musical collection, which today is called the Curt Lange Collection, in the Museu da Inconfidência/Casa do Pilar (The Museum of the Insurgency / Pilar House), in Ouro Preto (MG). He was a member of the team which scored the works of sacred music from Minas Gerais for FUNARTE.

Since 1978 he has given lectures on Music from Minas Gerais and on different aspects of the history of São João del-Rei, such as: religious music in the 19th century; the Lira Sanjoanense and the region of its influence; Teacher-priest José Maria Xavier - his life and work; music from São João del-Rei from 1717 to 1900; the Baroque from Minas Gerais; the language of the bells in São João del-Rei, the Third Order of Mount Carmel
of São João del-Rei and the construction of its church; the Theatre of the Opera in the colonial period in São João del-Rei, etc.

Due to his experience in the archives of Minas Gerais, he has participated in conferences, seminars and meetings in the area of historical musicology.