Musicological Team  

André Guerra Cotta (Belo Horizonte)
Co-ordinator of the reorganisation area

A conductor, graduated from the UFMG College of Music, André Guerra Cotta has specialised in Brazilian Historical Musicology.
He conducts the choir of the Carlos Drummond de Andrade Cultural Foundation (Itabira-MG) and the choir of the Usina Intendente Câmara - USIMINAS (Ipatinga - MG).

He is co-ordinator of the Project of Revitalisation of the Collection of Musical Manuscripts of the Itabirana Euterpe Musical Society (PRAMM-SMEI). With his dissertation on the information treatment processes applied to musical collections, especially for archives and collections of musical manuscript, he obtained his Masters
in Information Science from the UFMG College of Library Science.

With the help of a Bolsa Vitae de Artes, he carried out the research on the Música e músicos em Itabira do Matto Dentro - século XIX (Music and musicians in Itabira do Matto Dentro - 19th century). He is a collaborator-researcher of the Curt Lange Archive, holding a grant from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.