Musicological Team  

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo (Rio de Janeiro)
Co-ordinator of the publishing area

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo is a professor of Music Analysis and Choir Conducting of the University of Rio de Janeiro (UNI-RIO). He is carrying out research on the work by José Maurício Nunes Garcia, mainly on its editorial and interpretative aspect. His master dissertation was on the critical edition of the Burial Services for eight voices, written by this composer.

He is the conductor of the Pro-Arte Chamber Choir, with which he dedicates himself to disseminating the 'mauriciano' repertoire. His recordings as a conductor of this group make up two CDs: José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1994) and the Mass of Saint Peter of Alcântara - 1809 (1998).

He studied Choir Conducting with Frans Moonen in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, Netherlands, and took several complementary courses with Jan Elkema and Rainer Wakelkamp, at the Kurt Thomas Foundation, Netherlands. He also studied with Helmuth Rilling at II Bachakademie, in Stuttgart, and baroque repertoire, with Philippe Caillard.

He is a professor of Musical Analysis and Choir Conducting at Pro-Arte Music Seminars, Rio de Janeiro, and artistic director of the Choir Singing Association of Rio
de Janeiro.