Musicological Team  

Marcelo Campos Hazan (Rio de Janeiro)
Researcher in the publishing area

Marcelo Campos Hazan has a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology
(minor in History of Latin American Music) from the Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC. His thesis on
The Sacred Works by Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795-1865) was defended in 1999 under the guidance of Robert Stevenson and Emma Garmendia.

He won a scholarship from the Organisation of American States (1989-1990), Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (1991-1992), Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) (1993-1995) and the Vitae Foundation (1999). He participated in the cataloguing of the Hans Moldenhauer Archives, which belong to the Library of the Congress (1995), and worked as assistant researcher at the Manoel de Oliveira Lima Library (1991-1996).
In 1999, he was appointed as a professor at the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais.

He was among the three finalists for the Irving J. Lowens Award, promoted by the Capital Chapter of the American Society of Musicology, with his presentation Aspects of the band in the early career of Guiseppe Verdi (1826-1843) (Baltimore, 1997). He took part in the XLII Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (Washington, DC, 1997), and the 4º Simpósio Latino Americano de Musicologia (IV Latin-American Symposium on Musicology) (Curitiba, 2000) and the 4º Encontro de Musicologia Histórica (IV Meeting on Historical Musicology) (Juiz de Fora, 2000).

His article on Francisco Manuel da Silva's swan song was published in the Inter-American Music Review (2000). Work of his is in the press for Revista Brasileira de Música (Brazilian Magazine of Music) and for the Greenwood Dictionary of Latin American Composers. Currently he is a Visiting Professor at the Federal University
of Rio de Janeiro.