Musicological Team 

Vítor Gabriel de Araújo (São Paulo)
Musical Producer


Conductor, professor and arranger from São Paulo. He won numerous scholarships to participate in the Winter Festivals of Campos de Jordão. He also participated as a guest in the 4th International Course on Mediterranean Polyphony, in Italy.

He obtained his Master's in History at PUC-SP and his Doctor's, also in History,
at UNESP. The Associação Paulista de Críticos de Artes (APCA) (São Paulo Association of Art Reviewers) awarded the best choir conductor of 1991.
He directed the Schola Cantorum Choir Association of São Paulo, along with which he received the APCA award for the best choir in 1993, and also the Tempero Ad Libitum Choir (1989-96).

He is a teacher at the UNESP Institute of Arts, where he is a member of the Brazilian Music Studies and Research Centre, with special interest in musicological restoration work and performance of the Brazilian musical repertoire from the 18th and 19th centuries.

He is the founder and conductor of Brasilessentia Vocal Group, with whom he recorded the following CDs: André da Silva Gomes (Paulus, 1994); Music from Colonial Brazil (Paulus, 1995); Music from Colonial Brazil /Composers from Minas Gerais (Paulus, 1997) and Music in the Cathedral of São Paulo (Paulus, 1999). He has performed several concerts and given lectures in Brazil and abroad.