Musicological Team 

Paulo Castagna (São Paulo)
General Co-ordinator

After graduating from the Institute of Bioscience of the University
of São Paulo (1982), he also graduated in 1987 from the College
of Communication and Arts of USP where he presented his master's dissertation in 1992. Here he also defended his Doctorate thesis (2000) at the College of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences.

He gained scholarships from CNPq (1985), from FUNARTE (1988-1989), from FAPESP (1986-1987/1989-1991) and also from Vitae de Artes in 2001-2002, working in the area
of historical musicology, on courses, conferences, radio and television programmes and co-ordinating musicological research for CD recordings.

Since 1994 he has been a professor and researcher at the Institute of Arts of UNESP, where he co-ordinates a research group which has worked on Brazilian Historical Musicology and has tutored the Special Training Programme (PET). He co-ordinated
the team in the Organisation and Cataloguing of the Music Session of the Archive of the Metropolitan Curia of São Paulo (1987-1999).

He has participated in more than 20 meetings on musicology in Latin America, Europe and in the United States. He co-ordinated the Brazilian session of the Symposium Mondial des Chemins du Baroque au Couvent de Saint-Ulrich (Sarrebourg, France,
8-12 June 2000), the Encontro de Músicos e Musicólogos do Instituto Cultural Itaú (Meeting of Musicians and Musicologists from the Itaú Cultural Institute) (São Paulo, 11-13 July 2000) and the IV Encontro de Musicologia Histórica (4th Meeting on Historical Musicology at the Pro-Music Cultural Centre) (Juiz de Fora, 21-23 July 2000).

Together with Elisabeth Seraphim Prosser and Lutero Rodrigues, he co-ordinated the five publications of the Latin American Symposium on Musicology at the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (Curitiba, 1997-2001) and, with Víctor Rondón, organised the
IV Encuentro de Musicólogos (4th Meeting of Musicologists), promoted by Asociación Pro-Arte y Cultura de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia, 2002).